Our Promise To You!

Gladiator Gaming & GGRetro


" The idea is simple, put together one of the most honest and transparent, gaming based organizations that I can. Gladiator Gaming was originally created in 2018 with the purpose of immediately stepping into the world of competitive gaming and Esports, however a few unfortunate circumstances resulted in any real progress being put on hold. Through a lot of effort and planning the original design for how we would initially operate was changed but the ultimate goals stayed the same. Gaming has and always will have a significant place in my life, from being something that helped my family bond in the younger years, or an outlet to help me step away from tough times as I got older. No matter what direction we go in or what services we provide the plan will always remain the same. Build something that each and every single person who gives us even just a minute of their time or supports us in any way the satisfaction of knowing we will always do our best to give them everything they were hoping for, if not more. This is all still pretty new and we still have quite a long way to go, we appreciate any interest we receive and hope you stick around to let us prove our worth! " 

- Zach Holdun (Owner & Founder)


Inventory & Grading

All of our products are authentic and tested prior to being listed unless stated otherwise in the description.


Each listing will provide an original picture of the item that is being sold as well as information and anything that may or not be included.


Sealed - Item is still in its original packaging and has not be opened.

Complete - Item includes all original accessories (case, manual)

Game/disc Only - Original case and manual are not included

No manual - The item's original manual is not included

Case damage - The original case has some form of damage to it. (cracks, wear, fading)

Games that are in a "disc only" state will be shipped with a basic jewel case for protection purposes.


Grading and Condition 

We grade our unsealed/used items on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being when the item is on the verge of potentially no longer properly functioning and 10 being when the item is in nearly perfect if not a perfect condition used item.

We do our best to make sure that all of our gradings are as accurate and logical as they can be, and always try to price items based on their condition.


We offer a 30 day return and a 60 day exchange policy.


Within 30 days from purchase returns can be made on items.


(Submit a returns request here)

All items will be reviewed upon return to make sure no tampering, game swapping, or excessive and obvious damage was done by the customer.  We retain the right to deny a return if one of those possibilities took place as well as further action such as but not limited to removal from the website and organization as a whole or any legal ramifications if need be.

Returns are processed within 24 hours of the items arrival and review. shipping and handling compensation will be given when necessary depending on the circumstances on a case by case basis.

Within 60 days from purchase exchanges can be made on items.

(Submit a exchange request here)

Items can be exchanged for the value of the original purchase price. Just like a regular return items will be reviewed before fulfilling an exchange request and we have the right to deny the request if wrong doing of any sort is taking place. Shipping and handling compensation will be on a case by case basis.



Free standard shipping is available within the United States for orders $15 or more. 


Items are shipped within 24 hours (business days) on all non standard shipping orders from the point of purchase.

Standard shipping has a 6 to 11 day timeframe from point of purchase to the items arrival to the customer.

All of our items are packaged with care, we don't like trying to cut any corners when it comes to the shipping and handling process, not only because of how fragile a lot of our items are, but we appreciate these games and our supporters too much to make any foolish any unnecessary mistakes like that. However we fully understand that things can happen and shipping errors can occur, we will always do what we can to fix any problems that could happen in regards to shipping.

If you are unable to access your tracking number or your package hasn't arrived within the timeframe you were given, please contact us here.



Our goal is to achieve as much of a "marketplace" type of environment rather just a standard online store. So while we are in these earlier stages, in order to effectively offer services for selling opportunities we need to have very clear and set rules and policies.

Selling to us.


When using our selling page we ultimately reserve the right to deny any offer. We want to be able to give one of the best if not the best offers on items from people within our community, however at the same time it should be understood that we still have to be able to make some type of profit from the deal. But that does not mean you need to get ripped off and low balled in order to achieve satisfaction for both parties.

We go through our offers in the order in which they are received. We will review offers as soon as we possibly can, usually within 24 hours. We will take all of the information provided and if it's an offer we wish to pursue we will then negotiate with you to find a price we can both agree with. 


Shipping and handling costs will be compensated for.

Once a deal is reached you will then ship your items, we will review and make sure everything is received as described, if there are any inconsistencies or items come in much worse condition than expected, we will return your items and potentially take further action if need be, such as removal from the website or selling sections. 

Once we confirm the items are correct and as described payouts will be sent within 24 hours of receiving the items.

Selling within the community / forum.

We offer and encourage selling within our community and upon request will happily and willingly facilitate and buying/selling/trading that takes place on our forums or discord. Any improper or malicious behavior will result in an immediate and permanent removal from all of Gladiator Gaming and GGRetro outlets. 

We will do everything we can to make sure all parties involved receive exactly what it is that they were expecting, and do whatever we can to help pursue any wrong doing, however we are not responsible for any community buying, selling, or trading.



With the addition of Esports and competitive gaming we want to be clear and direct with everything that we do and/or plan to do within this industry.

Any tournament, match, league, or event that we host, any prize amount that we announce will be on a guaranteed basis as long as the recipient has not broken any rules both in the event as well as within the community as a whole.

Rules breaking will result in a permanent, no questions asked ban from all of our current and future services. In order to maintain as legitimate and authentic of a competitive community, a zero tolerance policy is completely necessary and needed.

All payouts will be sent within 7 days from the point of winning. A replay review will take place on a case by case basis for players or teams if need be at our own discretion. Participants with credible reputation within their particular game or community obviously wont have to worry about this process and will likely receive their pay almost immediately after their win. We just want to make sure everything runs as smoothly and fairly as it possibly can.